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Note: Maximum width and length is 584.2mm by 431.8mm. For quantities over 99, please contact us for a quote.


New to Ragworm? Take a look below to know everything about our PCBs before you upload your file.

What is Ragworm

Ragworm™ is an economical PCB prototyping service used by professionals, hobbyists, designers and makers worldwide.

Manufactured in the UK on a 7 working day dispatch, with
no tooling, testing or shipping costs, the price is inclusive.

Unique Orange Ragworm™ PCBs are manufactured using
ROSHH compliant materials with IPC specifications.
Ragworm™ PCBS are bare board tested before free shipping.

The ultimate solution for your prototyping needs, Ragworm™
was conceived to help the PCB community grow. Our
website will continually develop for you to discuss inspiring
projects, spark off each other’s creativity and share expertise.

Ragworm™ boards £4 per square inch

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Everything you need to know about our Ragworm™ PCBs

    Our PCBs

  • Single or double layer with PTH

  • Minimum Track and Gap 6 thou

  • Minimum finished hole size .5mm

  • PCB thickness 1.6mm

  • Finished copper thickness 1 ounce (35 microns)

  • Solder mask colour ORANGE

  • Ident colour white

  • All our PCBs will be routed to shape and routed holes and slots are permissible

  • Finish will be Lead Free hot air solder levelling (HASL)

  • All PCBS will be manufactured using ROHS compliant materials

    Lead time

    Your Ragworm™ PCBs are dispatched within 7 working days, from when we receive your working Gerber files.

    If you want to make sure your Gerber files are OK, send them to us and we’ll make sure they’re suitable for manufacture.

    All PCBs will be manufactured in the UK and will be bare board tested before shipping. All orders will be shipped via second class post, free of charge (UK only). International shipping costs may apply.


    Ragworm™ PCBs are a low cost solution.
    No hidden costs. No expensive tooling costs.

    Pricing example
    PCB 50mm x 50mm will cost £15.50

    Free gift

    When ordering with Ragworm™ we will send you a free gift of our choice as a thank you.

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UK Manufacturing

Our UK manufacturing facility is based at St Mary Hoo. The 5,000 ft2 factory and ½ acre yard offers a great capacity for manufacture and can easily accommodate large format PBCs and bulk orders. Kitted out with the latest technology and machinery makes our manufacturing process fast and efficient.

Ragworm™ is dedicated to bringing UK-manufactured products to market and putting UK manufacturing back on the map.

Quality Guarantee

At Ragworm™, quality is not just about meeting the approvals of the industry. It is about surpassing them and continuouslyimproving to ensure that the products and services supplied meet the needs and expectations of our community.

IPC Printed Board Standards

The only trade association that brings together designers, board manufacturers, assembly companies, suppliers, and original equipment manufacturers.

European Printed Board Standards

The EIPC and ICT are networks of PCB professionals providing platforms to exchange business & technology information for the success of the European electronics industry.

Manufactured in the UK

Manufacturing your boards in the UK enables Ragworm™ to offer you a quick turnaround, production of small quantities and ensure that your design is protected.



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our geeks below. Our geeks will answer questions, troubleshoot, handle replacements/returns and assist you within 24hrs.

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