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To help our community grow we have set up Rock Pool, which is a place for all things techy,
creative and from the future that make a splash, to be shared, reviewed and spark debate.


Team Turquoise - doppel

July 10th 2015

doppel - performance-enhancing wearable technology. It helps you focus or relax on demand. It works with your body’s natural response to rhythm to let you set your pace.

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OWOW – A new breed of musical instruments.

July 3rd 2015

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform based in the United States. It is a platform used by makers, entrepreneurs and businesses to fund projects and ideas that they believe to be innovative and exciting.

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What is IP and why should you protect it?

June 18th 2015

A quick look at why protecting your ideas is important!

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Solder Masks: Behind the Scenes!

June 2nd 2015

A sneaky peek behind the scenes at Solder Mask Application!

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What are solder masks?

May 21st 2015

Think you know what goes into your PCB? it’s not all about the hardware!

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A new invention that is truly out of this world.

May 18th 2015

Back in 2012 Nasa landed their Curiosity Rover on Mars. From this success the guys got to thinking about manned missions to the Red Planet and what it would take to do so.

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Up & Coming in May

May 1st 2015

For the month of May the Ragworm HQ Team would like to celebrate with our lovely customers by hosting another of our notorious Ragworm Raffles.

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*Beep Beep!* another happy customer coming through!

April 15th 2015

We love hearing your feedback! this time we wanted to share with you the stories and projects that have been made possible with the help of Ragworm

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Time for change.

April 10th 2015

The national grid have come up with a redesign of the traditional lattice pylons that work better for the environment.

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