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The place to go when you need an update on the Ragworm team. Events, Tech and much more, be sure to keep an eye on this one!

Wormy Made

Out & About

February 9th 2015

Take a look and see what Ragworm are up to in 2015!

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Wormy Made

Ragworm Jingle

February 6th 2015

How the Ragworm jingle started

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HoloLens from Microsoft

January 22nd 2015

It’s what we wanted from glass first time round…

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3,000 New UK jobs

January 14th 2015

Jaguar Land Rover shows commitment to the UK by creating 3,000 new jobs in their plant in Solihull, Birmingham.

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Driverless cars

January 6th 2015

We knew they existed but not like this.

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Wormy Made

Improvements begin with a tester

January 5th 2015

As part of our daily blogs, we’re letting you know about the progress of RagwormHQ too!

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3D Printing on Mans Best Friend

December 22nd 2014

Your daily digest of what’s hot in the world of tech

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Attention Ragworm Customers!

December 8th 2014

Read now to find out the cut off time, ready for the new year of exciting orange boards!

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Wormy Made

Solder Kits.

November 21st 2014

You all know what a solder kit is right? Well, it’s a simple circuit to help beginners get their soldering skills under way… so why can’t they look amazing at the same time?

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