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The place to go when you need an update on the Ragworm team. Events, Tech and much more, be sure to keep an eye on this one!

Ragworms’ Birthday Bonanza.

June 25th 2015

You say you don’t like PCBs but JU-LY!

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June 8th 2015 is getting an upgrade, it’s happening soon!

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Story of a trainee engineer

May 20th 2015

Ragworm is constantly undergoing new and exciting upgrades and we haven’t finished yet!

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Ragworm’s new Life Saver Service

April 29th 2015

Ever had a spot of trouble or bitten off more than you could chew? Fear not! Ragworm are on hand with their brand new Life Saver Service.

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Wormy Made

Assembly with Ragworm

April 21st 2015

What’s the next big step after getting your PCBs made… Getting them assembled, We’ve got you covered!

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Wormy Made

April Makers!

April 9th 2015

The month of April is a month made for makers.

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Wormy Made

March Saver Promotion!

March 17th 2015

Who want’s to save a slice of Pi with their Ragworm Order in March!

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March 2nd 2015

Shahid Darbar has recently launched a new kickstarter that means you can take your Pi outside with you. The new BattPi shows off the integration of a battery into a robust and protective case. Fantastic for getting your outdoor project ideas up and running!

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Wormy Made

February events

February 17th 2015

Although Valentine’s Day has just departed the team here at Ragworm are continuing to spread the orange love throughout the rest of February.

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