Starfish Rock Pool - What's making a splash...

To help our community grow we have set up Rock Pool, which is a place for all things techy,
creative and from the future that make a splash, to be shared, reviewed and spark debate.

Wormy Made

Autumn Smart Watch

October 23rd 2015

Here’s a little interview with the awesome guy behind Autumn Smart Watch.

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October 14th 2015

Bringing dinosaurs to life with technology… what could be greater!

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Crafty Robot

October 12th 2015

Here at Ragworm HQ it is no secret that we love a Kickstarter project!

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October 2nd 2015

Different Engineers plus New Kickstarter’s means the Rockpool is back in action.

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August 14th 2015

As some of our customers may know, each month we like to run a special offer for our makers, engineers and hobbyists to benefit from.

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The word “Technology”

August 12th 2015

For this week’s tech blog we decided to go down a different route.

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Hack Space Tour

August 7th 2015

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Interview with RasPi.TV

July 27th 2015

Latest interview with Alex at RasPi.TV talking about their latest kickstarter project the RasPiO GPIO Ruler.

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Coding Evenings

July 14th 2015

Cat Lamin on her wondrous journey into the world of coding

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