Meet the team


"The Captain"

He has been in the industry for more years than we can remember creating very successful companies, including the one you see here today. Steve saw the opportunity for Ragworm after bringing his daughter Stacey into the industry and together they made it happen. After countless events they came up with a great new service that would allow everyone to create the great projects you see out on display.

If you have an idea (even a mad one) Steve is the one to go to as he can help you to make it happen - The dream maker if you wish. Just be sure to offer him a cuppa when he walks in the room.


"The Facilitator"

After studying Law at Reading University you would have thought Stacey would be the solicitor for the company… well she isn’t, she’s actually the head of a great initiative. Stacey has built Stickleback Manufacturing brick by brick and now offers the Ragworm service to thousands across the globe. She keeps everyone in check making sure they’re doing the job they’re here for.

If there is an event Stacey will make sure she’s at it, no matter how far away it is - she is there. After the hard work is done Stacey is also up for a laugh and joke with customers, colleagues and supporters alike! That is if you can tie her down for long enough – she is a very busy lady!


"The Conductor"

Brian has worked with Steve for almost 30 years covering many different roles from Factory Operative through to his Office and Production Manager Role today. Brian looks after the team and ensures that all your beautiful orange boards make it around the factory on time and keep in line with the high quality standards we have set.

With that huge pool of knowledge Brian can be relied upon to make sure everything goes to plan at Ragworm. He is the ‘Daddy Bear’ of the company keeping us all under control.



We managed to find Adam in the hustle and bustle of the City. After enticing him with food, and with the promise of unlimited chocolate, Adam saw the light and followed his passion for all things Techy. Who could blame him – who wouldn’t want to be part of something this awesome!

Adam is on hand to add further support to the growing Sales team; he can be called upon to assist with checking Gerbers and making sure your order runs smoothly. His coding and web development skills will help us to bring you further additions to the Ragworm service and keep spreading the word across the lands. You might even spot him at a few maker events if we allow him out of the office!! He’ll be the one with a bag full of gadgets…


"The Organiser"

Every team needs that person to bring everyone together – Steph does just that. Over her time here at Ragworm Steph has slowly taken on more and more roles within the team and we aren’t sure what we did without her! Steph is responsible for planning our calendar and making sure we are at as many events as possible – she even makes sure we have somewhere to sleep at night!

Beyond this her creative and artistic mind is often responsible for the new additions to our PR. Adding a touch of craziness to the office Steph is always willing to cheer you up and have a laugh – some have even said she was ‘Made in Wonderland’!


"The Techie"

Taking the brave decision to come out of his education, Connor embarked on a new journey with Ragworm. During his time here he has grown to be a vital member of the team learning the ropes of the business. Already a Social Media fiend himself Connor’s role was originally intended to bring the business into the 21st Century and keep Social Media channels brimming with content. Now of course Connor isn’t just doing that! He is responsible for checking everyone’s orders, and being your point of contact at the office for all your questions and queries!

As the true Geek in the team he is obsessed with all things orange and loves to share the latest news with you. An Engineer in the making!


"The Engineer"

At Ragworm the majority of the magic happens behind the scenes but it doesn’t happen without the hard graft put in by a team of highly experienced individuals. Leading this team is Tim the Technical Manager for Ragworm. Responsible for programming and keeping the factory on track he makes crucial decisions and feeds information back to Connor so that our customers can be kept in the loop.

With over 20 years of experience there isn’t much about circuit boards that Tim doesn’t know. He is a techie, artist and musician as well as a great team player! All in all he is just a real good bloke!

The Factory Fairies

"The ones who sprinkle orange all over your boards!"

All the events and updates brought to you would mean nothing without Fairies in the factory beavering away to bring your circuit designs to life. Roles in the factory can vary dramatically including tasks such as inspection, drilling, plating and printing. Each team member is a specialist across all disciplines reducing the possibility of delays and down time if one of them is missing in action. The multi-skilled approach means that any problems faced can be dealt with in a matter of moments.

The Fairies are not only experienced but fun too - if it wasn’t for them the service just simply wouldn’t be able to exist. They are incredibly proud of the work that they do and enjoy being able to share the fruits of their labour across the globe. Be sure to think of the Ragworm Fairies when you see the Geeky Orange!

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