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4 Layer PCBs at Ragworm HQ

June 13th 2016

Published by Stacey Driver

From 2 to 4 at Ragworm HQ!

We have been talking about the official launch of this service for some time now at Ragworm HQ and we were delighted to finally announce it last week!

Ragworm has officially included a 4 layer service to its offering!

Customers had been able to order 4 layer PCBs with us previously however, these had to be manufactured on their own separate panel and therefore carried a minimum order charge. Well now, all has changed! Multi-layer services can now be offered with our Ragworm structure:

  • No minimum order quantity
  • No minimum order charge

The Ragworm multi-layer service will be manufactured with the finishes you have come to know and love – our Ragworm Orange Solder Mask and Immersion Nickel Gold. They will be manufactured in 7 working days and despatched to you via Royal Mail First Class Post!

There are some restrictions on the PCB design specifications:

  • Hole size must be no smaller than 0.35 mm
  • Annular ring around hole must be no smaller than 4 thou
  • No buried or blind vias
  • Track and Gap must be no less than 5 thou
  • 4 layers only
  • PCB size no larger than 400 mm x 200 mm

The online calculator for this service is still being worked on but our lovely in-house engineers are ready and waiting to receive your Gerber’s via email.

Want to get a quotation on your PCB? Then email us today!

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