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June 18th 2014

According to the founder of MyPiFi there are too many people in the world with very little knowledge of soldering and programming; Yes we couldn’t agree more here at Ragworm!

Very few kids these days realise the technicalities that go into their everyday electronics. For example, would they be able to tell you how that little LED lights up when you receive a notification? That’s where Paul Brown from the town of Wantage in the UK wants to help those people who don’t yet understand but want to learn!

The MyPiFi is an LED attachment to your Raspberry Pi, you get to have a joyous time assembling this beauty and then learning how to program the blinking lights. Now, if this is your first time programming, be prepared for some profanity casually slipping out of your mouth… You may well be left scratching your head for a while, but it’s all worth it in the end.

You’re probably thinking… another Pi add on? Well, you would be right, however; while add-ons are expensive for what they are, Paul believes in a simple back to basics approach.

With the extended function of GPIO (General purpose input/output) headers you could incorporate a board into any function you wanted to. With LED’s the possibilities are endless; you can notify yourself when a new mention about cookies in a tweet have surfaced, see when your cookie jar has been opened and most importantly when the cookies are ready to come out the oven… Besides the love of cookies and food I’m sure you all can be a bit more imaginative.

For your dreams to come true of using LEDs everywhere, Paul needs help with his Kickstarter!

Within the first week it achieved over half of its funding and we’re all hoping to get Paul well over that 100% mark… hopefully some stretch goals may be in place for that time.

See below all the social links to go and stalk this awesome maker!



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