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April 1st 2016

Published by Stacey Driver

Collect the DOTS, Crack the code, The competition is on!

We have been teasing you with this announcement for a couple of weeks but the day is finally here! Over the last month the Ragworm team have been beavering away in the background here at HQ to bring to you a new collectible item. Love your tech? Well is this is something you do not want to miss!

During the month of April we will be unveiling 3 items from the first ever collection of #RagwormDOTs. How do we get them?! We hear you cry? Well it is simple – place your order through the Ragworm online portal as normal and when your PCB is shipped you will also receive a lucky dip bag which will contain one of the #RagwormDOTs.

As with all great collections some of the Dots are rarer than others and the contents of each bag received is a mystery to all including us here at HQ!

Not currently designing any PCBs? Why not look out for us at events in the coming months where we will be running a lucky dip on our stands so there is a chance for everybody to be involved.

With each month will come a new selection of DOTs from the campaign - to crack the code you will need to collect the full set of 16! But that is not it … As well as receiving great collectible tech there is also the chance to be entered into an overall competition. Display all 16 DOTs on your Ragworm matt and tweet the picture to us here at Ragworm HQ for a chance to win a bag of amazing hardware goodies! As well as launching the DOTs – each month we will give you an insight into what SWAG can be received in the final prize!

what are you waiting for … GET COLLECTING

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