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February 18th 2016

Is 2016 the year for you and your product?

According to data compiled by London & Partners, Bloomberg Business reported last week that England and specifically London was the centre for European Funding in 2015. In total $3.6 Billion was raised in venture capital funding in the U.K.’s technology sector. In addition to this Tech Start-Ups in the UK have increased by 31% since 2010. With a growing community and increased support are your plans for 2016 leading you towards making this year’s list of those most successful? Ragworm cannot wait to be beside you on every step of your technology journey. From that first Sanity check to receiving your first prototype. But, what happens next?

The testing and verification phase for many is a difficult period that is spent behind closed doors patiently tweaking and refining every element of the product and design to ensure it is fit for purpose and ready for the wider target audience. However, do you need to go through this process alone?

Here at HQ we have a number of highly skilled and experienced professionals ready and waiting to discuss your products and designs with you to help you ensure that no stone is left unturned. From design advice and assistance to full scale design carried out in house; we have a level of service to suit all. The team at Ragworm HQ has been growing and as a result so has our skill set and product/service offerings to you. Over the next few weeks we will be updating our Rock Pool to focus in on each of these features. Think of us as your Electronics Bait shop – we will describe to you each service offering in detail and how we think that this can help you, the customer! From this, you select the services that work best for you and build up your fishing bait box extraordinaire!

Topics covered will include:

• Volume production

• Stencils


• Enclosure design and manufacture

• Full Turnkey production (box build)

• Firmware

• Testing and Approvals

2016 is your year to catch the WINNING FISH! Let us be the sturdy rod helping guide you to the success you deserve!

Want to find out more? Contact one of the team at HQ who will be happy to assist you!

Email us:

Phone: 01634 272416 option 2

Twitter: @Ragworm

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