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Meet the Team

Steve Driver

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur luctus mi vitae ligula venenatis in dapibus ante dapibus. Fusce in mollis orci. Phasellus condimentum, tortor ut molestie sollicitudin, sem lorem egestas quam, non faucibus felis leo vel dolor. Aliquam orci enim, malesuada ut venenatis vitae, ultrices ac enim. Etiam sollicitudin molestie est, vel cursus est ultricies vel. Suspendisse luctus luctus orci eu commodo. Nunc eu ultricies massa. Suspendisse suscipit facilisis enim a ultrices. Donec sit amet augue erat. Praesent ut nibh dui, a feugiat quam.

Fusce molestie tempor dignissim. Maecenas sit amet dui tellus. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nulla elementum nunc pulvinar turpis malesuada sed ullamcorper lorem interdum.

Stacey Driver

For me Ragworm is a creation and labour of love. After getting my Degree in Law from Reading University, I have now worked in the printed circuit board industry for a little over 6 years.  My roles have developed from sales and marketing to the Co-Founder of Ragworm.

I can be spotted out and about all over the country attending events and visiting customers as well as being on hand in the office to process quotations and assist with product design. From dawn until dusk I am on hand to get the job done.

To define my role in one simple line is almost impossible. I am there on your Ragworm journey from start to finish; for those of you who do not see me I am there in the background beavering away to make sure our services run as smoothly as possible. Through the creation of the Ragworm service I established my passion for the industry and I like to think of myself as the Proud Geek here at HQ.

DD +44 (0)1634 273447

Andrew Kayes

Andrew Kayes

My role within the Stickleback and Ragworm universe has changed a couple of times over the 4 years I have been working with the team.

You may recognise me from my ‘Factory Fairy’ days in the beginnings of Ragworm. In the early days my primary responsibility was to operate the drills but a lot has changed and these days I wear several different hats. First and foremost the final visual inspection of all of the Ragworm PCBs, this  should pick up on an irregularities or faults that may have slipped through the net and ensure that we supply our customers the best we can. Customer interaction, placing of orders and general on site handy man are just some other strings to my bow. This Ragworm employee is fuelled by tea and sweet treats.

DD +44 (0)1634 273443

Rhys Jones

Rhys Jones

My role within Ragworm is that of customer support and office admin, I have been in a customer support role my entire working life as I love talking to people and thinking up unique solutions to situations. I have always had a passion for science and technology and quite often have various gadgets around me to tinker with or have my ear to the ground about the latest tech. I am grateful that I am in a role that I love and in the field that I have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for!

If I haven’t already spoken to you I look forward to speaking with you soon. Hopefully you’ll quickly get to know me and my sometimes quite weird sense of humour!

DD +44 (0)1634 273440

Lita Driver

I have been in the circuit board industry for many years. In the early days you would have found me in inspection responsible for ensuring high quality control, however I soon moved over in to office work. These days I’m best known for being in the accounts team here at Ragworm HQ. I ensure that all paperwork is tied up and keep us moving along like a well oiled machine.

I am on hand to support the team in any admin role that is required – much like all small businesses job titles are fluid but that is what makes each day in the office new and refreshing. I can even be found tidying and cleaning; I am  the in house mother hen and sweet treats provider.



Stephanie Driver

My job role of marketing and sales admin keeps me involved with our branding and customers at all times. This role, much like my full-time job running a hairdressing business, allows me to be mobile or in house at any point. Part-time working at Ragworm allows me to express my creativity through another avenue and  pursue a life-long dream of having a career within science, art and design.

Creation of blogs, marketing material and background research means that there is never a dull moment for me within my career. Alongside this I can also make a mean cup of tea and bring many a bad joke into the office. Whether I have previously met you or have yet to meet you – I hope to be back on the road with Ragworm soon!

T +44 (0)1634 272416

Contact us

If you need technical support for your purchase from Ragworm® please either submit your request or contact one of our geeks below. Our geeks will answer questions, troubleshoot, handle replacements/returns and assist you within 24hrs.

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PD Studio 29 Ltd.
Unit 5
Great Western Court

T +44 (0)1989 218050


PD Studio 29 Ltd.
Unit 5, Great Westen Court, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7XP


T +44 (0)1989 218050


Registered Address
  PD Studio 29 Ltd | Bernlea | Walford Road | Ross on Wye |  Herefordshire | HR9 5PY  Company Registration Number 12042507